Terms of warranty


  1. The warranty period lasts 36 months and begins on the date of sale.
  2. As part of the guarantee SSA is responsible for physical defects of the delivered products, which arose due to reasons inherent in them, i.e. for defects in design, materials, production, if they reduce the usefulness of the product or if it has no characteristics, the existence of which was provided.
  3. SSA is obliged to eliminate the defect within the warranty period of its own choice, by repairing the product or its replacement with a new one.
  4. The deadline for the removal of reported defects within the warranty is 10 business days from the date of delivery of the defective product to the headquarter of the SSA. For complex repairs or if there is a need for parts import, period may be extended by the necessary time ‐ but it is required by SSA to submit relevant statement supported by documents.
  5. In the case of unfounded and negligent by SSA delay in removing defects, the customer can after the expiry of deadline, either to withdraw from the purchase contract, either to request a reduction in price.
  6. SSA is not liable for defects resulting from:
    • natural wear;
    • misuse;
    • overloading;
    • use in an unsuitable environment;
    • modifications or repairs unauthorized by SSA;
    • external factors not predicted in the product datasheet.
  7. The warranty period for repairs is 3 months and for the supply of replacement 6 months, but can not end before the expiry of the original warranty period. The period of the guarantee is extended by the time necessery to remove the defect.
  8. It is excluded any other or further reaching than the specified above responsibility of the SSA for physical defects of the delivered product. SSA is not responsible for lost profits and indirect losses of the buyer of the product.
  9. Repair of the product during the warranty period made by persons not authorized by SSA or violation of the seals on the product voids the guarantee rights.
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