Practical application of universal temperature transducers


Temperature converters are used to convert the signal from the thermocouple or RTD sensor to standard signals (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V) and bring them to devices which require such (eg. PLCs, data loggers, regulators etc.)


Temperature measurement in the range of 0-1000°C. Bringing a standard 0-10V signal to the PLC’s analog input.


The necessary elements for the implementation of the system:

  • U1: universal temperature transducer LXT-81U,
  • B1: K-type thermocouple,
  • 24V DC power supply.


1. Connect the circuit shown in the scheme.

2. Set the DIP1 switches on the front of LXT-81U-D:

  • [9] cold junction compensation: AUTO,
  • [1|2|3|4] measuring range: 0-1000°C,
  • [5|6|7|8] sensor type: K,
  • [10] sensor break alarm way: MAX.

3. Set the DIP2 switches on the front of LXT-81U-D:

  • [1|2|3|4] output: 0-10V.


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