Local current loop signal measurement and display



Control the liquid level in the tank. The measuring signal: 4-20mA. The displayed value should be in the range of 0-100%.



The necessary elements for the implementation of the system:

  • U1: wall mounted current loop indicator SMI-20W,
  • U2: liquid level meter with output signal of 4-20mA.


1. Connect the circuit shown in the scheme.
2. Configure the device by the user parameters:

  • P1 = 1000 (upper limit = 100);
  • P2 = 100.0 (decimal point)
  • P3 = 000.0 (lower limit = 0),
  • P4 = 000.0 (zero cut)
  • P5 = 002.0 (filter time [s]).


1. Additional checkpoint – useful for maintenance.

2. The meter does not require an additional power supply.

3. The ability to display user units.


This system also can be buit using a TMI-20W – it is a panel mounted version of the SMI-20W.



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