LMS-WIN – specification



Download LMS-WIN

The LMS-WIN is used to configure older types of universal transducers made by SSA:

  • LMS-811,
  • LMS-81U,
  • SMS-811.


  • intuitive menu that allows to quickly configure the meter,
  • the possibility to read the current configuration parameters from the device,
  • alows to read / write configuration to / from a file,
  • prints configuration information,
  • password protection against changes in the configuration,
  • the ability to simulate input in the monitor mode,
  • records data in a CSV file (readable by MS Excel),
  • presentation of live and archival (readed from a file) data in the graph,
  • prints the charts,
  • works in the Windows operating system,
  • online help,
  • application is free of charge!


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